The Builder’s Checklist is “Faster than a Phone Call”

The Builder's Checklist is available as either a "hard-copy" printed spiral bound book or as an electronic document for use on portable devices.The Electronic Version of The Builder's Checklisttm lets you mark up your checklists with signatures and text using the free version of Adobe Acrobat.

Want proof? Check out our "Free Sample" page. Open the sample checklist on a PC or Mac (in the most current version of Adobe Reader) and you'll see that we've added examples of "Photos, Stamps, Audio Recordings, and Text so you'll get an idea of the power of The Builder's Checkilsttm.

Try it for yourself.  Download a FREE Sample Checklist right now.If you plan to use an electronic device, we suggest you get a specialized Adobe Reader with additional capabilities - these usually run around $10. The better readers will let you embed photos, audio recordings, "stamps", drawings, and even extra pages into your checklists. You'll then be able to send the individual checklist pages - complete with your markeup, photos, autdio recording and mores to your workers instantly through your 3G ,4G or WiFi connection.

So, not only will you have an excellent record of your home, you'll communicate the issues faster than a phone call!

You Need The Builder’s Checklist

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